Monday Virtual Wine Tasting / Survival Pack

$35.14 - $50.46

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During the stay-at-home order we're doing weekly virtual wine tastings. Pick up the wines for the next tasting and join us! 

We choose three bottles and you get 15% off all three! (Discounted included in price)

May 25 – Forget everything you knew about Chardonnay – This grape wears its heart on its sleeve and we're going to show you some unknown sides of this misunderstood varietal. 
• Yalumba Unwooded / Domaine d'Elise Petit Chablis / Domaine Duex Roches Mâcon Villages

June 1 – We'll be tasting some Southern Italian wines that are coincidentally oddball grape varietals. It's also DAN'S BIRTHDAY! Tune in for a real Southern Italian-style party.
• Vigneti di Vulture Pipoli / Tenuta Iuzzolini Chíro Rosso Classico / Di Majo Norante Ramitello

June 8 – Many Moods of Malbec – This spicy, dark, sometimes fruit-driven wine actually has it's birthplace in France and isn't always made as a still wine. We'll be trying a classic Argentinian style alongside it's French cousin – new world / old world is one of our favorite comparisons – and a traditional method sparkling Malbec as well!
• Chakras, Mendoza, Argentina / Mission La Caminade, Cahors, France / Guggenheim, Malbec Bubbles, Argentina

June 15 – California Schemin' – Folks have strong opinions one way or another about wine from Cali. Feelings aside, we found three unique west coast characters that we love and would love for you to try with us. They all veer from the norm in some wonderful way. These are schemes we can get behind.
• Birichino Vin Gris, Lockheart Pinot Noir, Brea Cabernet Sauvignon