COVID-19 Precautions

We're  taking several steps to stay safe. 
First, we ask you to use our curbside pickup or delivery options. Limiting contact is the first defense.
Sanitizing Frequently
We sanitize the shop and shared spaces frequently throughout the day. Several sanitizing options are readily available (quat spray, alcohol based wipes, hand sanitizer, et cetera) to make it easy and often.
Limiting Customers
Pickup or delivery are preferred, but we are alowing one party into the shop at a time. We require customers to wear some form of face-mask so please plan accordingly.
Limiting Employees
Staff has been reduced. We're requiring our suppliers to wear masks. Deliveries are recieved in the back hall, outside of the shop.
Employee Pledge of Safety
Our employees have agreed to follow best practices outside of work. This includes following CDC guidelines, state mandates and limiting contact with anyone other than their immediate household.